T. Michael Smith

Old and Quirky

“What’s on your mind?”  I love that question.  It opens up so many

possibilities.  A blog is a great way to express some of the things rattling away in my head.  Its like the moment I realized that wisdom for me was understanding that it was insane for me to want anything other than what God wants for me.  When I do the footwork and let God handle the outcome, everything is alright under the sun.  Whoa is me when I try to remain in control. I want to write about these and other topics

Old and Quirky is a means for me to write about politics, the economy, financial markets, freedom, memories, my hero Patrick Henry, and anything else that comes to mind.  You don’t have to agree with me and I hope you will tell me so.  I am open to learning new ways to consider ideas that i have.

I have written three books:  The ORGANIZED EFFORT;  REAL BATTLES, REAL DRAGONS; and THE ANOREXIC ASSASSIN.  I hope to write at least one more.

See the blog at weaver1888.com.